Ria Culpa's Website


Ahem. Yes, well. Welcome to the site ria.wtf.*

So, I decided to create this page so that there's something here, a basic profile, and my socials for people who want to get in touch with me.

I can't stress enough how not-seriously I can take myself. So, if you were to give me some sass for it being a basic one-page site, I would probably join in with you. Viva la 1990s!

*Yes, I am aware it's a redirect to ria.cc. But, I'm lazy and haven't moved things over yet. So, nyeh.
I've been a roller derby official since 2006, and I love it. I've primarily been a referee for the last 6 or 7 years, but before that I was an NSO. I've dabbled in announcing, games oversight, tournament heading, and playing the game. My first love, however, will always be officiating.

Some links:
Disclaimer: I generally shun most social media because to me it's noise. So I do what is informally known as "shitposting" to throw off algorithms and generally play with them like a petulant child. So, YMMV.